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Workforce Management

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Workforce management

Workforce management is a complex issue for any operation, especially when met with seasonal peaks, delivery schedules, SKU churn and so on. Using solutions that provide full-visibility of your workforce and their workflow progress will enable your management teams to focus on improving business processes.

Voice-Directed Work offers substantial productivity, accuracy and ergonomic benefits for the operator on the warehouse floor. In addition to these, there are numerous benefits that can be achieved by taking advantage of the real-time operational visibility and control enabled by Voice.

Knowing what is happening in your warehouse at any point in time as well as being able to review in detail and in summary the historic activity allows you to actively manage your operations. This ensures high levels of service and deadlines are achieved, as well as being able to identify areas for longer term process or individual improvement.

Voiteq’s VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System provides real-time visibility of work-in-progress (by operator, order, route, zone and overall), service levels and performance. This information is available direct to supervisor screens as well as graphical dashboards that can be shared with users, supervisors, managers and executives. The system also offers a comprehensive set of reports that summarise past performance at the same time as providing full traceability of items, orders, equipment and operators.

In addition to providing visibility into your warehouse operations, VoiceMan allows managers and supervisors to actively manage the work-in-progress. This includes the prioritisation of work based on current circumstances, the merging and/or splitting or orders to balance workload and optimise the utilisation of your workforce and the allocation of specific tasks or orders to specific individuals.

Much of the standard work prioritisation and allocation can be automated based on your specific business requirements, freeing your managers and supervisors to manage by exception; meaning they can concentrate on activities that add value and continuously improve your operations.


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