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Voice Picking

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Voiteq Voice Picking

Voice picking is a vital part of the outbound logistics process and has a significant impact on customer service. Generally comprising the largest workforce in the warehouse, the significant improvements in productivity and accuracy in the picking process that are possible with voice create a compelling business case. Voiteq’s voice picking solution spans a wide range of picking processes including:

  • Standard order picking (unit, pack, case, pallet) to various container types (tote, roll-cage, pallet etc.)
  • Pick-by-line / Put-to-Store
  • Pick and Pack
  • Multiple order picking / Batch picking
  • Catch weights
  • Manifest reporting and labelling

In addition, Voiteq’s VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System ensures the most efficient process of the overall voice picking procedure with features such as:

  • Splitting, merging and linking of orders
  • Automatic and manual prioritisation and allocation of picks and orders
  • Route, drop and dispatch control
  • Warehouse zone control
  • Volumetric cubing and optimisation of pallet build or roll-cage fill
  • Exception alerts and management

When considering a voice picking solution, it’s important to recognise that not all voice systems are equal. In order to achieve the full benefit offered by Voice, the solution requires proven, high-performance voice recognition technology combined with process optimisation based on a thorough understanding of your business processes and goals. At Voiteq, we base our solutions on Honeywell’s Vocollect Voice solution – the global market leader. Having successfully delivered voice picking solutions for over 15 years, our professional services team will work with you to ensure our solution is tailored to your requirements and maximises the gains offered by voice picking.

Voiteq’s voice solutions are also not limited to picking. Click here to find out more about how voice can be applied to other processes in your warehouse.


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