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Voice Directed Warehouse Operations

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Voice directed work and Headset

In a voice-directed system, the operator wears a voice terminal and headset, and is guided step-by-step through their business process. Confirmations of information such as location, product and quantity are spoken by the operator and then passed back as data to the warehouse systems.

Unlike paper lists or mobile devices with screens and keyboards, voice systems free the operator’s hands and eyes, allowing them to focus on their work and interact with the system at the same time as handling the product. By providing a more streamlined and ergonomic process that guides and validates operator activity, voice systems enjoy high user acceptance while also delivering quality gains and productivity improvements.

The benefits of hands-free, eyes-free, real-time work direction and data capture that are made possible by Voice are applicable to a wide range of warehouse business processes. Most customers choose to start by implementing Voice Picking, however, many have now expanded their use of Voice to other areas in the warehouse.

  • Stock Movements (Put-away, Replenishment, Transfers)
  • Goods-in / Receiving
  • Stock Counts / Cycle Counting / Perpetual Inventory
  • Staging / Marshalling
  • Loading
  • Dispatch

Voiteq offer and support a range of approaches to voice-enable your WMS/ERP system. These include:

  • VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System
  • Screen-to-voice solutions to voice-enable existing text-based handheld terminal screens
  • Vocollect VoiceDirect ERP for SAP to voice-enable SAP handheld terminal screens
  • Custom, direct interfaces

If your WMS/ERP system already supports Voice via Vocollect’s VoiceDirect or a direct interface developed by your WMS provider, Voiteq is able to supply and support all the enabling voice technology required by these interfaces. In addition, we work closely with the market’s leading WMS providers to assist them in the development, enhancement and support of their direct interfaces.


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