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OmniChannel Success

Planning & Executing for Omni-Channel Success

July 30, 2016

In this whitepaper we consider the ways in which you can make the most of the opportunities that omni-channel retail brings whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

Achieving omni-channel success continues to challenge supply chain executives as they strive for best fit strategy for their business and their customers. With some customers looking at omni-channel provision as a reason for or against purchase getting it right first time is vital. Retailers have always faced stiff competition but this is compounded by rapidly changing customer demand forcing retailers to constantly review their plans and adapt their execution to remain ahead.

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The Warehouse Superconductor

The Warehouse Superconductor – The Electronic Components Supply Sector

March 17, 2016

In this whitepaper we look at challenges faced by the electronic components supply sector.

The electronics and electrical goods sectors are fast-paced, highly complex and extremely competitive – innovation and new product introductions are seen as the life-blood of these sectors. Yet, the ‘spares’ supply chains that support an ever-widening array of electronic and electrical devices, operate to different dynamics and offer up a unique set of challenges. Fine margins, vast inventories and long-tails call for a new way to reduce resistance in warehouse processes and improve the flow of goods.

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Picker in Action using Vocollect Voice technology

How to Pick the Perfect Pallet to Improve Productivity

July 14, 2015

When your customers demand smaller, more frequent deliveries and your management expects productivity savings, you need to find a new way of working. Download here for our latest webinar recording where we consider the major challenges facing today’s CPG/FMCG supply chain executives and proposes solutions.

You will learn:

  • How to optimise mixed pallet and cage builds to improve productivity, vehicle fill, compliance and accuracy
  • How Kellogg’s uses Voiteq Voice to pick a perfect pallet
  • How to systematize best practice and direct associates to ensure compliance and improve performance

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Large Truck in front of a Warehouse Building

Webinar – How to Rebalance Your Omni-Channel Supply Chain

February 1, 2015

Learn how you can plan and execute an Omni-Channel supply chain that provides your customers with a seamless experience; regardless of the channel from which they ordered, without causing any disruption to your current operations.

Click here to view the recording of our latest webinar on ‘How to Rebalance Your Omni-Channel Supply Chain’.

How to Unlock the Potential of Your Mobile Warehouse Workforce

Webinar & Whitepaper – How to Unlock the Potential of Your Mobile Warehouse Workforce

January 1, 2015

In an ever evolving market, Warehouses and Distribution Centres (DCs) continue to be key factors in a company’s customer service, competitive differentiation and cost reduction. The vast majority of warehousing operations still rely on a flexible warehouse workforce to move product into and out of their facilities.

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Batch picking Cam master

Whitepaper – Warehouse of the Future

March 25, 2014

Over the past few decades, warehouse and distribution center (DC) management has evolved from a model governed by manual labor and paper-based tracking, to one in which technology plays a vital role in better utilization of available resources and growing space restrictions.

Read our whitepaper and see how warehouses are adapting their processes to better equip them for the future.

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Warehouse worker picking goods via voice technology

Whitepaper – Solving Seasonal Business Challenges with Voice

January 8, 2014

Is your warehouse giving you sleepless nights during peak times? We’ve created a complimentary guide ‘Solving Seasonal Business Challenges with Voice’ to illustrate how Voice technology can help you overcome the business challenges you may face within your warehouse environment.

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Warehouse worker working with voice technology

Whitepaper – Foodservice, Grow & Retain with Voice

January 8, 2014

In the highly competitive Foodservice and Distribution sector, customer service is paramount. A key challenge facing providers in this market is to achieve differentiation based on service while also controlling costs in order to profitably offer competitive pricing. In addition to this, contract changes, seasonal peaks and changing customer requirements demand flexibility from the supply chain. Although temporary hire can support some of this flexibility, it needs to be operationally effective in the shortest possible time and cannot be at the expense of consistent processes and customer service.

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