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VoiceMan DA Gamification Webinar

Explore how Voiteq are bringing Gamification into the world of logistics. Motivate your people and unleash productivity.

VoiceMan Returns vs Manual Returns

Real world application of VoiceMan Returns in the apparel industry.


Watch our video on Voice and Put to Light to see how combining solutions can lead to ultimate picking efficiency and productivity gains.

Projecting Your Voice

Are you Projecting Your Voice? We have been; for over 15 years our market leading and innovative solutions have enabled us to become the number one supplier of Voice-Directed Work across the globe.

Watch our video to hear how the business has grown from a small IT team at Healds Day and Nite stores to the Voiteq you see today. Through the years, we have worked with our customers and partners to provide real business benefits that make a difference. You will hear how we have developed award winning solutions and understand where you can use Voice-Directed Work in your operation.

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Daimler Trucks North America Improved Multiple Workflows in its DCs

Have your customers or organisation demanded distribution improvements from you? BUT, you’ve been constrained due to:

  • Increasing customer demands
  • Budget constraints
  • Aging RF devices (with no return on investment)
  • Internal IT resources
  • Reluctant or costly WMS provider support

Daimler Trucks North America faced a similar scenario. In this webinar, Duane Wilson, Manager of IT Systems Support PDC Operations for Daimler Trucks North America, will discuss how Daimler faced a variety of operational issues – such as a heavily-customized legacy WMS and a picking process that involved paper, labels and a lot of scanning with repetitive steps. While still ironing out their long-term WMS direction, Daimler believed that bringing in a voice system and reducing their scanning could really improve productivity.

A recorded webinar by DC Velocity.

SHD Logistics Awards 2015

Voiteq and Kellogg’s win the Warehouse Efficiency and Overall Winner at the SHD Logistics Awards 2015.

The awards continue to recognise excellence within the industry, acting as a benchmark for outstanding performance throughout the UK. The awards focus on the contribution of individuals, projects, organisations and technologies that have excelled in the use, development and deployment of logistics in the past 12 months.

Brakes Voice-Directed Work Project

Brakes Voice Project:

Brakes’ is a leading supplier to the catering industry, providing ambient, chilled and frozen products across the UK, France and Sweden.

The company services over 30,000 deliveries a day in the UK alone and offers its customers in excess of 15,000 different product lines. Always striving to provide the best service in the industry, Brakes implemented voice technology from Voiteq and Vocollect into its network of warehouses.

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Holland and Barrett Voice-Directed Work Video

Holland and Barrett Voice Project

Holland and Barrett is the leading health food retailer in Europe, selling over four thousand products across its one thousand stores. Click on the video above to hear why they chose a voice solution from Voiteq, using our own VoiceMan middleware, to link three warehouse management systems with the Vocollect Talkman T5 computers and SR20 headsets.

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About Voiteq Video

Voiteq is a global provider of Voice-Directed Work solutions, based on Vocollect technology.

Voice is our core business and we’ve helped our customers reap the substantial benefits of hands-free, eyes-free work for over 14 years. We have the largest team of Vocollect-certified voice specialists in the world and we offer a range of ways to improve your warehouse operations with voice, including our award winning VoiceMan Execution System and InfoCentre Reporting Suite.


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