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Voiteq Creates a Data Revolution

September 13, 2016

Voiteq, global providers of Voice-directed work solutions, today announced the launch of its powerful ‘next generation’ business intelligence solution VoiceMan Data Analysis at IMHX 2016.

Committed to providing its customers with the most reliable and innovative solutions on the market, Data Analysis has been developed to meet the growing need for actionable insights in the supply chain; providing understandable and usable information to improve business processes and performance.

With Data Analysis, customers are able to benefit from interactive visualisations; supporting more informed decision-making for both short and long-term planning.

With the latest business intelligence technologies, VoiceMan Data Analysis uses predictive analytics for users to test future ‘What-if?’ scenarios.

An easy-to-use application, the new solution doesn’t require any changes to be made to existing host systems and data visualisations are available at the touch of a button, whether it’s for one site or multiple operations across the network.

Isabel McCabe, managing director, Voiteq Ltd said: “Supply chain is under increasing pressure to reduce costs and meet ever increasing demands. So visibility into logistics operations is vital. Customers are realising that big data is the solution and are looking for more powerful tools to access the information needed to run smarter operations.

“We’ve always been at the forefront of the voice market and our latest solution proves that we are staying ahead of where our customers need to be. We have invested a lot into our data capture and reporting methods. Understanding the market and our customers’ needs, we are now taking data to the next level, moving from static reporting to providing a platform with dynamic, advanced, interactive data analysis capabilities. VoiceMan Data Analysis is the next generation analysis tool.”

Predictive Analysis – ‘What-if?’ Capabilities

In addition to current and historic information, VoiceMan Data Analysis includes predictive analytics, calculating future outcomes for proactive management and allowing ‘What-if?’ analysis of future scenarios, including year-on-year comparisons. Data Analysis can also be used to simulate the short-term impact of operational changes, such as reallocating resources or workloads around a busy distribution centre. This gives managers the ability to plan ahead and proactively manage service levels and performance.

Deep-dive Analytics

Data Analysis works in near real-time providing clear visibility of critical operational information and processes; converting raw data captured by VoiceMan into valuable, actionable information and making it available for deep-diving analysis by managers and staff in a single site or across a warehouse network.

Big Picture and Tiniest Detail

Data can be analysed with a high degree of granularity without ‘walking the floor’ – ranging from identifying bottlenecks, weekly and daily shortage counts, mismatches in staff deployment to reviewing productivity rates by person, team or zone, and much more. Historical information can be retained for long-term analysis. This allows for precise comparison of performance over time against standard or bespoke KPIs or amongst individuals, teams and sites.

Flexible Access

Accessed via a browser, data can be viewed by remote or off-site personnel. Access can be assigned to specified users, limited by parameters (team, zone, date) or broadcast within the workplace. Multi-language support is simple, reflecting the capabilities of the VoiceMan system itself.

Data can be filtered as required, and then exported to CSV files for seamless integration into other reporting tools. Data Analysis users can also query the data warehouse directly, enabling customers to add VoiceMan generated data into any existing investment in business intelligence.

Interactive Visualisations

Rather than traditional reports and dashboards, Data Analysis offers more sophisticated, interactive visualisations including a blend of text, charts and images that can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices and feature touch-friendly user interfaces.  With the ability to drill down and move through data to access the information when needed – users don’t have to switch from report to report or across applications.

The powerful, yet simple user interface, also means that customers can ‘self-serve’; easily creating custom views and filters to highlight data most important to their operation.

Supports Better Decision-Making

Isabel McCabe added: “The value of data comes when it is distilled to help make better decisions. Resourcing, managing seasonal peaks, identifying process improvements and responding to trends are just some of the areas where our new VoiceMan Data Analysis solution can deliver significant benefits to companies.

“Often business intelligence tools are controlled by IT departments. Operational staff can find that data is either out-of-date or too rigid to get the information they need. With VoiceMan Data Analysis, operations teams can have access to valuable information when they need it to help them run a more efficient business and identify opportunities for further process improvement.”


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