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Voiteq GmbH attending LogiMAT 2018

Voiteq Champions Connected Voice at LogiMAT 2018

December 22, 2017

By 2024, the global logistics market will reach $15.5 trillion (up from $8.1 trillion in 2015) and to support this growth, businesses will need to adopt new technologies. Voice and other connected devices enable supply chains to overcome the continuous market challenges to keep customers happy, operations efficient and the bottom line healthy.

Voiteq, a leading global Voice specialist, believes that today’s technology capabilities can overcome these complex challenges with the adoption of Voice and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – connected devices embedded within industrial equipment. Voiteq experts will be discussing the impact for both operational intelligence and sustainability at LogiMAT 2018, Hall 8 Stand F16 (Stuttgart Trade Centre, 13 – 15 March).

The IIoT is not a new concept for the logistics industry. FedEx introduced parcel tracking decades ago and similarly, Walmart implemented pallet level RFID tags to reduce excess warehouse inventory and cut out-of-stock occurrences. Today Voice forms part of the IIoT, enabling operations to capture and review operational data in real-time. Voice devices, scanners, touchscreens, sensors and augmented reality (AR) glasses all assist in optimising and enabling associates, and can be easily connected with warehouse execution, warehouse management and ERP systems.

Voiteq attended LogiMAT 2017Adopting an integrated solution with the IIoT enables operations to utilise real-time data from all parts of the logistics process, driving cost savings and operational efficiencies as well as improved customer service. For example, a multimodal Voice can also integrate with vision glasses, scanners, electronic shelf edge labels, printers and put-to-light systems.

At LogiMAT, Voiteq will be showcasing their solutions deployed in some of the world’s busiest warehouses and DCs. Voiteq specialists will demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of a multimodal approach to Voice and Vision, including live demonstrations of VoiceMan Connect for SAP with vision glasses, which enables customers to connect Voice device directly to SAP and to display important data on the user’s lens.

Andrew Guske, Managing Director at Voiteq GmbH, said: “Operations are being challenged with increasing expectations from customers, while also facing internal demands to ensure increased productivity and accuracy. What is important is understanding the best way Voice technology can be implemented and integrated in order to solve these challenges and deliver a strong business case.”

“LogiMAT is an important platform for the European logistics market, which brings together a wide range of industry experts”, Guske added. “We’re looking forward to meeting with customers and industry experts to share our knowledge and expertise.”

Voiteq has over 15 years’ experience in Voice-directed technologies and delivers end-to-end solutions that connect the entire logistics landscape – improving business operations, enhancing user experience and supporting industry growth.


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