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Inspection Solution Takes Voice Beyond the Warehouse

September 15, 2016

Voiteq, global providers of Voice-directed work solutions, traditionally associated with warehouse operations, is driving the wider use of its voice technology to include inspection tasks – eliminating the need for pens, paper and clipboards.

One of the latest additions to Voiteq’s family of innovative voice solutions, VoiceMan Inspection Execution System supports a diverse range of industry inspection and maintenance procedures required for assets and products such as machinery, plant, vehicles and aircraft as well as warehouse returns. The solution has already been successfully deployed in North America and is currently being piloted in Europe.

Eyes-Free, Hands-Free Inspection

Inspection demands routines, decisions and check lists. In addition, many inspection tasks require both hands to hold tools and equipment especially when inspecting machinery and other assets in a working environment.

VoiceMan Inspection verbally guides the user through the process based around simple questions and answers, which prompt the next action; preventing inspectors from by-passing questions, jumbling or altering task sequences. Using voice, the product or work order is identified and the system will initiate the correct inspection routine, minimising errors and delays.

More Industries to Embrace Voice

Isabel McCabe, managing director, Voiteq Ltd said: “Voice-directed work is widely used for carrying out tasks in the warehouse and its clear operational benefits are now being recognised in other sectors. We anticipate more industries and companies embracing our voice technology to make similar gains.

“From car maintenance to complex aircraft technical checks, inspection is a vital activity in many industries whether it’s ensuring product integrity, or verifying asset condition. By removing paper, screens and keyboards, VoiceMan Inspection delivers ergonomic, real-time visibility, accuracy and safety benefits with a performance that exceeds paper or screen-based check lists.”

Solving Warehouse Returns Challenges

The demand for voice solutions remains strong in its industry roots – the warehouse. Omni-channel has resulted in a huge increase in the number of returns that need to be handled within the supply chain. Returned items need to be inspected to determine if they should be returned to stock, sent to the manufacturer or disposed.

Unlike production testing, where goods are often presented for inspection in batches, returns arrive randomly to be inspected. Potentially each product may have a different check list to follow. VoiceMan Inspection’s clear task sequences for specific items meets the returns operational challenge.

A range of data capture options is also supported, enabling serial numbers, measurements and verbal notes to be recorded. With appropriate peripheral devices, inspection reports can also be linked to images and videos of the item.

Test and inspection results are logged and reported instantly without error. This gives managers instant visibility of work in progress and can highlight any emerging trends, providing the opportunity for pre-emptive action to mitigate potential risks and issues.

VoiceMan Inspection can be deployed on premise, centrally from a data centre or in the cloud. Inspection sequences and questions can be edited by managers allowing changes to be rolled out across the operation at the touch of a button.


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