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Making Voice-Directed Working Accessible via the Cloud

October 27, 2016


Voiteq, a global provider of voice-directed work solutions to the logistics, in-store and inspection markets was looking to expand its hosting options to its ever expanding customer base.

The company already provided a resilient on-premise solution; through its own innovation and market demand, Voiteq sought out a complimentary application that would allow them to offer a range of hosting options including on-premise, Cloud and hybrid options.

The new solution also needed to fit seamlessly with Voiteq’s own execution and reporting tool – VoiceMan; requiring minimal development from the team.

After investigating what was available on the market, the company partnered with Exponential-e for its service, performance, resilience and cost-structure.


With customers and offices all over the world, Voiteq needed a solution that would work globally and support any future growth plans – securely. Exponential-e’s Network and support is offered from their UK HQ, 24 / 7 x 365 and with 99.99% uptime assured.

The nature of Voiteq’s business means that its customers can experience seasonality peaks; especially in the retail sector. The business needed to offer a robust and scalable cloud solution that would give: privacy, security performance and high-availability. For this exponential-e’s ‘Cloud for Enterprise’ solution was selected.

Offering an end-to-end SLA meant Voiteq could rely on Exponential-e to provide its customers with the guarantee that they could keep their businesses operating day and night.

By offering the Exponential-e ‘Enterprise’ Cloud solution, Voiteq’s customers are able to utilise the ‘clean side’ of their own LAN on a private Cloud, built on top of a 100 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Network; running only the best enterprise grade compute.

Adding Exponential-e’s ‘Enterprise’ Cloud solution has enabled Voiteq to provide its customers with the services that they were asking for and a compelling choice of hosting options.

Furthermore, with the Cloud solution, Voiteq’s retail customers have the added option of using a flexible architecture that can respond quickly to change without incurring stepped costs, and have the agility required to move with seasonal demand, offsetting capital expenditure against Opex costings.


Voiteq is able to offer its customers a Cloud solution that provides a single end-to-end SLA. The scalable aspect of the service also allows the company to create flexible solutions that can grow as its customers do.

Due to the secure environment of the Cloud, Voiteq can rest assured that its customers’ data and privacy will be maintained to the highest level.

The scalability and agility of the Exponential-e’s Cloud solution also enhances Voiteq’s hosting options for its customers. This means they are able to increase/decrease resources quickly and easily, as well as enhancing their internal systems to the levels that they require – particularly in an omni-channel environment.


  • Voiteq is now a partner of Exponential-e, reselling Exponential-e Cloud solutions to the Channel.
  • Their solutions are now Cloud enabled.
  • Exponential-e is Voiteq’s preferred Cloud provider when they go to tender.
  • There is now the ability to provide a Cloud hosted VoiceMan solution with a competitive end-to-end SLA.
  • Improved customer service through offering a greater choice of hosting platforms and flexible pricing structures.
  • Future-proofing its business by looking at all possible hosting scenarios.

“Voiteq has run a full proof-of-concept of the system and it just worked. It operated exactly how we had hoped and expected.”

 David Webb, Technical Director, Voiteq Ltd.

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