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VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System

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The VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a robust, scalable warehouse execution system that integrates with any warehouse management or inventory system to ensure the efficient performance of shop-floor warehouse operations. Successfully deployed in supply chains ranging from single sites to networks of over 20 warehouses and distribution centres, VoiceMan WES optimises business processes, simplifies workload management and provides real-time visibility to supervisors and managers. Business benefits include increased productivity, reduced error rates, improved customer service and lower operating costs – all of which lead to typical returns on investment of under 12 months. Most customers choose to start with voice picking and VoiceMan WES supports all types of picking process. It also has a range of additional modules to bring the benefits of voice-directed work to other warehouse processes such as stock movements, goods-in, inventory and dispatch.

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Picker in Warehouse

VoiceMan Picking

VoiceMan’s Voice Picking module is fully featured and highly adaptable to any warehouse operation. Pick-by-order or by-line, pick multiple, whole or part orders, utilise volumetrics to maximise cage and tote fill, capture best before dates and batch numbers, pick in the most efficient sequence – all with real-time visibility and control. The flexibility is unsurpassed.

By combining hands-free, eyes-free Voice processes with advanced warehouse execution intelligence, our Voice Picking module has been proven time and again to radically improve pick rates and accuracy. It’s clear, efficient voice dialogues and intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn and warehouse teams and managers alike state that they would never go back to their previous method of picking.

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Nisa Warehouse Worker in action using Voice technology

VoiceMan Returns

VoiceMan Returns efficiently and accurately directs – through the process of receipting returned goods and gets them back into your inventory as quickly as possible.

Speeding up this process and ensuring that goods are correctly categorised can increase your profit margins, improve customer service levels and provide actionable insights into suppliers and customer behaviour.  As online sales have grown and customer choice has broadened, so too have returns volumes. Some enterprises experience return rates in excess of 30%, meaning that warehouses need to deploy more staff in this area.

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Voiteq Stock Moves

VoiceMan StockMoves

VoiceMan StockMoves is designed to Voice-enable the Putaway, Replenishment and Cycle Counting processes in your warehouse.

By improving the efficiency and accuracy of the bulk stock handling processes, StockMoves ensures inventory accuracy and minimises any down-time in the picking process. Putaway can be System- or User-Directed and single product or batch replenishment is supported. Shorts alerted by the picking process or by visual inspection will trigger reprioritisation of scheduled replenishments. When stock has to be moved by more than one operator, due to mezzanines, narrow aisles or conveyor belt systems for instance, its progress is tracked and visible on StockMoves at every stage.

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Fork lift truck in a warehouse

VoiceMan Receiving (Goods-In)

With VoiceMan Receiving, delivered products and quantities can be verified against the Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) and your inventory system updated with confirmations and exceptions in real-time. Operators can also be prompted to capture additional data such as sell-by dates, batch numbers and volumetric information which improve the efficiency of the downstream supply chain. By freeing the operator’s hands and eyes, Voice provides a more ergonomic and efficient receiving process. On completion of the receipt, goods are immediately available for put-away or cross-docking minimising delays and increasing throughput.

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Despatch with help of voice technology

VoiceMan Loading

Ensuring the correct orders are marshalled and loaded onto the correct vehicle at the correct time completes the optimised warehouse operation.

Our VoiceMan Dispatch module coordinates and tracks the marshalling and loading of orders onto vehicles. The process can be user-directed or based on a loading plan provided by the WMS or Transportation Management System. Additional data such as vehicle details and loading temperatures can be captured. Real-time updates ensure that invoicing and delivery paperwork can be produced as soon as loading in complete, reducing the turn-around time of vehicles at the dock door.

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Man wearing a headset in warehouse Voiteq voice solution

VoiceMan Inventory

VoiceMan Inventory accuracy has a significant impact on the overall efficiency of a warehouse. As well as being a regulatory requirement, systematic inventory checks reduce picking delays and errors, ultimately impacting warehouse costs and customer service.

Our Inventory module offers various methods to ensure warehouse stock accuracy. Under instruction from the WMS, cycle counts can be carried out standalone or as part of a Perpetual Inventory (PI) strategy interleaved into the Picking, Putaway and Replenishment processes. Counts and exceptions can be fed back in real-time and full audit trails are available.


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