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VoiceMan Screen-to-Voice

VoiceMan Screen-to-Voice 190x127

The VoiceMan Screen-to-Voice connector quickly and easily adds voice capabilities to your existing screen-based shop-floor processes. With minimal IT overhead, you can now rapidly gain the benefits of a quality voice operation, such as increased accuracy and productivity, reduced training time and improved operator comfort and safety.

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Vocollect Screen-to-Voice Solution

No WMS Changes

Importantly, there is no need to change or reconfigure your warehouse management or ERP system. Screen-to-Voice keeps the exact format of data interactions that the WMS expects, so administration, reporting and labour management systems are updated as usual. Because the overall process flow is the same, user training is minimised and if ever you need them, your screens are still there for you to use. You can wave goodbye to lengthy software implementations and you won’t need additional IT support from your already stretched IT team.

Littlehampton Books Improving Service using voice technology

Enhanced Processes

Screen-to-Voice doesn’t just “speak the screen” – it applies Voiteq’s renowned voice expertise to extract the key data and deliver an ergonomic and efficient voice dialogue. Operations such as multi-order picking, check-digit management and product identification without scanning become possible, even if not formally supported by the WMS. Information can also be read from other data sources, such as the WMS database, to enable additional process improvement.

Despatch with help of voice technology


  • Fast implementation
  • No need to modify your WMS system
  • Minimal IT support required
  • Voice-enable any workflow
  • Reduced errors
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Rapid return on investment

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