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VoiceMan Scan for SAP

VoiceMan Scan for SAP is a high performance, easily configurable mobile screen and barcode scanning solution for SAP. Optimised for minimal data traffic and clear, simple user interfaces, VoiceMan Scan for SAP provides the most efficient direct SAP interface for handheld and vehicle mounted terminals. All screens can also be voice enabled for hands-free and vision-based solutions.

A genuine ‘no middleware’ solution, VoiceMan Scan allows devices to connect directly with SAP. Screens formats are downloaded to the client at the start of a session and only changes in data fields are transmitted after this, minimising network traffic and ensuring high performance on the shop floor.

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Configuration and control in SAP

VoiceMan Scan has been designed specifically for SAP, with screen configuration, tables, processes and ABAP customisations all residing within SAP. User-customisable templates for standard transactions are provided as part of the solution.

The mobile client is standardised for industry leading mobile operating systems and does not require separate development or customisation. System administration, logs and licence management are also centralised in SAP.

Efficient, high-performance communications

To minimise network bandwidth and to give the fastest mobile user interface, VoiceMan Scan manages screen layouts separately from screen data. Layouts are only transmitted when a new device connects to the system or when a layout changes. After this, only the necessary screen data fields are passed between the mobile device and SAP.

This unique design also allows VoiceMan Scan to support an offline mode where the mobile device can continue to capture data even when disconnected from SAP.

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Versatile, future-proof and scalable

VoiceMan Scan can scale from small, single site operations to large, multi-national and multi-lingual networks. Its flexible architecture makes it possible to easily add voice or RFID to any screen.

Vision based systems are also supported, allowing the user to view the screen for instructions but respond with voice. Because all the configuration and business process is standardised in SAP, future mobile platforms and operating systems can easily be supported.


  • High performance, low bandwidth mobile SAP screens
  • Support for barcode, voice and vision interfaces
  • No middleware required
  • All configuration and logic in SAP
  • Integrated SAP Screen Designer
  • Multi-lingual, multi-screen, multi-device capability
  • Clear, flexible graphical user interface
  • Offline capability

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