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VoiceMan Inspection Execution System

Inspection and maintenance is a vital activity – whether it’s ensuring product integrity, clearing returns back to stock or verifying asset condition and safety. Our VoiceMan Inspection Execution System eliminates the potential for procedural and recording errors, ensuring compliance, quality and performance. By removing paper, screens and keyboards, our solution frees associates to use both hands to perform tasks and allows complex inspection data to be accurately captured and passed to MRO, ERP or other host systems in real-time.

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VoiceMan Inspection Execution System

Compliance and Quality

VoiceMan Inspection ensures tasks are performed reliably and with performance that exceeds paper or screen-based check lists. By being verbally guided through the process in a step-by-step manner, inspectors are prevented from by passing questions, altering task sequence or taking an item through an inappropriate inspection routine. VoiceMan Inspection provides higher accuracy for recording checks by logging results in real-time as the item is being handled, cutting out the potential for error from manual data entry.

VoiceMan Inspection Execution System


Many inspection and test tasks require disassembly and reassembly, where associates may have to shine torches, work switches and carry out manipulations that need both hands, often in dusty or greasy environments. Inspection processes commonly use two people, one to inspect and one to record, or an associate may need to memorise some data and document or enter it in batches. VoiceMan Inspection allows one operative to efficiently perform these kinds of inspection and testing tasks singlehandedly with our hands and eyes free method.

VoiceMan Inspection Execution System


  • Accurate adherence to inspection processes
  • Real-time logging of results
  • Hands-free, ergonomic data capture
  • Clear visibility of work in progress
  • Full traceability and accountability
  • Simplified user training
  • Easy management and rollout of inspection changes

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