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VoiceMan Data Analysis

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VoiceMan solutions reliably record details of every event and process, offering both historical data and live visibility of your operations. VoiceMan Data Analysis uses the very latest business intelligence technologies to convert raw data into valuable, actionable information – making it available for analysis by managers, staff and other parts of the business in an easy to understand format.

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VoiceMan Data Analysis - Interactive Visualisations

Interactive Visualisations

Retention and analysis of historic data held within VoiceMan Data Analysis provides crucial visibility for managing resources efficiently and optimising processes. Performance can be compared against benchmarks or amongst individuals, teams and sites, with the ability to drill-down and tailor the results as needed. Rather than traditional reports and dashboards, Data Analysis presents interactive visualisations that can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices and feature touch-friendly user interfaces.

VoiceMan Data Analysis - Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

In additional to current and historic information, Data Analysis includes predictive analytics, calculating future outcomes for proactive management and allowing ‘what-if?’ analysis of future scenarios, including year-on-year comparisons.

VoiceMan Data Analysis - Mobile Ready


Accessed via a browser, Data Analysis reports can be easily viewed by remote or off-site personnel. Access can be restricted to specified users, limited by parameters (team, zone, date) or broadcast within the workplace. Multilanguage support is simple, reflecting the capabilities of the VoiceMan system itself.

VoiceMan Data Analysis - World Map Screen


  • Clear, detailed visibility of operations
  • Powerful trend and exception analysis
  • Proactive management of future outcomes
  • Consistent, accurate reporting across the business
  • Immediate insight from standard reports
  • Easy creation of custom reports
  • Remote, mobile access to all content
  • Email key reports to stakeholders on a schedule

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