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VoiceMan Connect

VoiceMan Connect gives customers a flexible and high performance – standards-based – interface into their WMS or ERP environment, enabling efficient handling of warehouse processes as well as ensuring real-time visibility and traceability. VoiceMan Connect can integrate any shop floor technology, such as voice, scales or fixed scanners, with any host system. Its highly flexible architecture provides a future-proof platform that can easily be extended or adapted to changing business requirements.

The business case for warehouse technologies such as voice is based on ensuring the quality of processes and saving seconds for each and every task. VoiceMan Connect’s high performance, lightweight communications are designed to support this requirement, even for sites that are remote from the data centre.

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Vocollect Screen-to-Voice Solution

Mobilise your host system

When your back-end WMS or ERP system has the business logic to manage the shop-floor processes in your operation, VoiceMan Connect can mobilise this by adding a real-time, ergonomic user interface for your associates. With its standards-based, flexible integration and support for multiple shop-floor technologies, VoiceMan Connect enhances your current systems by improving accuracy, productivity and real-time visibility.

Lightweight, efficient architecture

Proven in demanding, large-scale deployments, VoiceMan Connect’s simple and flexible architecture fits seamlessly into existing system and network infrastructures. Highly efficient protocols minimise the data passed between the host system and the shop floor, and enable the solution to be deployed centrally or locally without compromising performance.

Workforce management

Powerful integration

VoiceMan Connect offers secure, reliable integration with the ability to consolidate communications from the shop floor into a single or pooled host connection. Protocols can be transformed to meet specific integration requirements and multiple hosts systems can be supported simultaneously. All communications are logged and errors are immediately reported for corrective action.

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Flexible and future-proof

In addition to voice, VoiceMan Connect supports integration for scanners, scales, cameras, conveyor systems and automation. By maintaining a common integration architecture, these and other new technologies can be easily added to the solution and can utilise the existing host system interface.


  • Flexible, scalable and future-proofed WMS/ERP integration
  • Extensible support for a wide range of technologies
  • Real-time visibility and full traceability
  • Lightweight protocols for high performance
  • Standards-based interfaces
  • Tailored, optimised shop floor processes

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