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Vocollect Headsets

In a voice-directed workplace, high quality audio technology is crucial for the smooth interaction between worker and the solution. Over the years Vocollect headsets have been perfected to provide maximum comfort, exceptional audio performance and long-term reliability. Tightly integrated with the voice recognition software on the device, Vocollect’s headsets cancel out any external noise so that the speaker’s voice can be picked up clearly even in noisy, industrial environments. Suitable for freezer, damp and dusty conditions there is no better headset for voice-directed working.

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SRX2 Headset

SRX2 Wireless Headset

The SRX2 wireless headset from Vocollect sets an entirely new standard for how workers work in the warehouse and distribution centre, greatly enhancing the worker experience by providing the most comfortable and ergonomic wireless headset option available. When combined with Vocollect’s ground breaking SoundSense™ voice recognition technology, the SRX2 wireless headset offers unmatched accuracy.

The innovative, shareable component design enables shared use of electronics across multiple shifts, reducing both the up-front cost and the ongoing cost of ownership. Vocollect’s Advanced Speech Recognition Protocol™ ensures zero loss of speech data, thus providing the highest levels of accuracy and worker performance.

Vocollect Headsets SR20

SR-20 Headset

The SR-20 is a lightweight, industrial grade headset that provides the associate with a very comfortable and ergonomic experience. It tolerates temperature extremes: from extreme heat to cold and offers excellent performance across the range of industrial environments found in most warehouses/DCs.

Vocollect SL14 Headset

SL-14 Headset

The SL-14 offers associates a lightweight, non-repairable headset alternative designed for dry and ambient environments. The extreme light-weight nature of the SL-14 offers the worker a comfortable, behind-the-head fit while maintaining high quality audio performance.


SR 30/40 range

Need more robust noise cancelling or a dual ear-cup for noisy and freezer environments? Vocollect’s SR30 and 40 range provides just that:

The SR-30 is a single ear-cup headset that is ideal for high noise environments where workers may be having trouble hearing audio output because of loud ambient noise created by nearby conveyer systems.

The SR-35 is Vocollect single ear-cup headset designed for industrial environments that require use of a hard-hat.

The SR-40 is a dual ear-cup headset that improves audio clarity in high-noise environments. It is an option to consider for associated in freezers who may want additional covering over their ears.


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