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Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies, providing transportation and warehousing services, compete through size (purchasing power), spreading best-practice methodologies, value-added services, IT and their experience at global, regional and sector level.

Increasingly companies are moving to outsourced logistics as the means to help them better focus on their core competencies.

Typically contracts between 3PLs and their customers are relatively short, and the need to constantly improve service while attempting to reduce cost is a driver in determining if contracts will be renewed.

Voice technology is equipping many 3PL companies with the means to differentiate, lower costs and provide a more flexible, efficient and accurate order fulfilment service at the same time as lowering operational costs.

Task optimisation is just one of the key benefits our 3PL customers expect to see from their Voice solution, supporting the need to scale to the changes experienced in a 3PL environment. For operations that have multiple warehouse contracts within a site and multiple products stored for separate companies, it’s possible to operate multiple processes off the same system by client, increasing task and staffing optimisation.

Voiteq has worked with companies such as Gist, Norbert Dentressangle and Clipper Logistics, each servicing a broad range of clients with differing needs. Our VoiceMan solution and partnership approach provides a flexible and scalable solution that can easily adapt to each new client or changing infrastructure. We work alongside you from day one to make your Voice solution the perfect answer to your client’s requirements and demands.

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