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Retail will always be challenged to enhance customer service and reduce costs while also managing growth and the significant impact of Omni-channel. This, as well as seasonal demand and intense marketplace competition, creates significant pressure on the supply chain.

Store replenishment requires the warehouse or distribution centre to fulfil numerous orders in route and drop sequence, often to strict departure deadlines. Accurate multi-order picking or put-to-store processes combined with standardised, intelligent workload management can offer significant business benefits.

For direct-to-customer order fulfilment, accuracy and efficiency are critical. By prioritising and grouping orders, ensuring accuracy at the pickface and enabling advanced processes such as pick-and-pack, retailers can cost-effectively deliver a superior customer experience.

Voiteq’s retail customers supply a wide range of goods; from groceries, confectionary and tobacco through to vitamins, clothing and books. By enhancing and adapting processes, improving order accuracy and increasing warehouse productivity, we have helped our retail customers improve their on-shelf availability, reduce their supply chain costs and grow their bottom-line profitability.

The many reporting tools available in our VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System and InfoCentre solutions provide clear visibility into the work in progress and enable managers to focus on value adding activities and to be more effective.

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