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In the highly competitive food and beverage or Food Service industry, margins are tight, customer service is critical and the increase in SKUs is making the supply of goods more complex and costly for manufacturers and service providers alike.

Many companies are having to source locally and globally to meet changing consumer tastes and the growing demand for variety. The very nature of the sector requires supply chain operations to handle chilled, ambient and frozen products, some of which are delicate or high value. Efficiently coordinating the complex, high-volume order fulfilment process and maintaining customer loyalty through exemplary service poses a significant challenge.

In addition, seasonal peaks and events require warehouses or distribution centres to deal with huge increases in throughput, scaling up activity without compromising customer satisfaction.

Voiteq has a long history of working in the food and beverage market. We understand the day-to-day and continuous changing market pressures that you face. With our voice-directed work solutions you can work more efficiently, accurately, easily adapt to SKU churn, gain increased visibility of daily and historical activity and better manage inventory.

Voice is easy for associates of any language or dialect to use making it ideal for permanent and temporary staff; and with its hands and eyes-free way of working you can ensure products are handled with care.

Our VoiceMan Picking module supports a wide range of voice picking methods including: pick-by-line, pick-by-order, pick-by-cube, base layer picks and split cages. VoiceMan also supports the capture of additional information during the work process such as ‘use by’ dates and catch weights. The adaptability of our solution and comprehensive dashboard and reporting capability means that you can manage the business more effectively and greatly increase customer satisfaction.

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