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The Electronics and Appliances sector carries a wide range of product types from high-value finished goods to a huge range of after-sales parts and accessories. Stock integrity, visibility and traceability are key to customer service and the onward value chain of warranty and service. The diversity of product attributes poses a challenge to the handling goods within the supply chain and hands-free systems can substantially improve efficiency and associate comfort.

Voiteq have helped our customers in the Electronics and Appliances sector to improve throughput, manage time-sensitive orders and avoid the costs associated with breakage and errors in order delivery.

In year one, we achieved annual productivity gains of between 25 to 40 per cent, which exceeded our initial prediction. Now in year two, we are seeing an 85 per cent improvement in productivity over our old manual system.

Iain Priestley, Director of NDC Operations, Connect Distribution.

To find out how Voiteq can help you with the efficient handing and traceability of goods, as well as improving your accuracy and productivity, please contact us today.


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