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Cold Chain distribution environments required for frozen and chilled goods present a challenge for companies that need to ensure traceability, accuracy and user-comfort. Many warehouse technologies struggle in temperatures well below zero. Condensation, bulky clothing, gloves and frosted ice make it very difficult to use screens and keyboards, or even pencil and paper. Not correctly addressing these issues can result in inefficiencies, order fulfilment errors and poor customer service.

Voice in -25° warehouses/DCs
Our Voice solutions are based on Vocollect Voice technology which has been developed to cope with any warehouse environment, including that of extreme temperatures. Not only will your operators be hands and eyes free, meaning they don’t have to remove protective clothing but the hardware has no screen and specifically developed to cope with below -45o temperatures and condensation; you can even select the SR40 dual capped headset to further protect your operators.

To hear how we can help your cold chain with a hand-free, eyes-free Voice solution contact us today.


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