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The clothing and apparel market has always faced unique challenges including consumer trends, seasonality, promotions, returns and just-in-time stock. The industry has also seen significant growth in Omni-channel, increasing the demands and complexity of order fulfilment. In addition, varying product sizes and colours, different methods of storing garments, delicate fabrics and bespoke labelling means that apparel supply chain operations need to manage a great deal of complexity.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or 3PL you have a brand promise to uphold and SLAs to deliver against regardless of whether that’s to a retail outlet or direct to consumer. If your warehouse or distribution centre can excel with these pressures and simplify complex order fulfilment processes, you can gain strong competitive advantage and ensure high levels of customer service, order accuracy and agility.

Voiteq has a strong track record of working with a diverse range of apparel manufacturers, 3PLs, retailers and e-tailers. We have built a team of logistics experts who have first-hand experience of the very specific needs of the fashion industry.

Our solutions adapt easily to various picking techniques required in an apparel operation and with our hands-free, eyes-free processes, associates are directed to pick the right garment with care. By prioritising and grouping orders, ensuring accuracy at the pick-face and enabling advanced processes such as pick-and-pack, apparel retailers can cost-effectively deliver a superior customer experience.

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