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Maintaining a lean supply chain is a must in today’s automotive industry. The ability to be responsive and agile are key for business success; availability of product just-in-time and just-in-sequence are imperative and therefore process times need to be quick and reliable to provide value within the chain for OEMs and end customers. Furthermore, the automotive aftermarket for parts and accessories represents a service differentiator and a significant opportunity for cost savings.

Voiteq has worked within the automotive aftermarket for many years and understands the stresses that the industry faces on a daily basis. We have developed solutions, based on Vocollect Voice technology, that are tailored to maximising your current or new IT infrastructure and processes.

We understand that in your competitive market, new solutions need to be robust and implemented rapidly. With our VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System you can be up and running with Voice quickly and easily, improving efficiency, accuracy and control of your warehouse operations.

The system is so simple to use that your associates will also pick up the new way of working in just a few days. Using Voice you able to use multiple pick methods which can be tailored to your exact needs. The hands-free and eyes-free solution means that your associates can use the correct HSA standards for bending and lifting, making Voice the perfect solution for the automotive market.


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