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Training and Development

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Staff training

Training and Development

At Voiteq we believe that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow. From first-class customer service training to soft skills development and technical training, you can look forward to a wealth of learning opportunities that will equip you with lifelong skills and confidence. We are proud to employ the largest number of voice certified specialists in the world and provide voice training as an essential element of our Platinum partnership with Vocollect.  Many of our technical roles require our employees to complete training courses to ensure Voiteq’s continued professional accreditation with companies such as Microsoft.  Therefore, it is important that you are continuously open to learning new things. You will need to be highly self-motivated and accountable for your own development.  We’ll provide all the tools and support you need to progress and fulfil your potential by:

  • Helping you to learn as much as you can about the company and our activities
  • Providing information and training to help you carry out your responsibilities better
  • Helping you develop the skills and knowledge to grow as the business changes
  • Continuous professional development:  Annual reviews and regular 1 to 1 meetings are used to guide targeted self-development and learning to help you develop to your potential

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