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Voiteq is a leading global provider of voice-directed work solutions, with offices in the UK, France, Germany and the US.

Voice Technology is our core business and we’ve helped customers across the world reap the benefits of utilising a hands free, eyes free solution. We have the largest team of Honeywell certified Vocollect voice specialist. Supplying hardware, software and support services to improve your operations. Our products include our award winning VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System
and VoiceMan Data Analysis, our business intelligence tool.  READ MORE >>


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We have experience across a variety of industries, call us today to find out how we can achieve efficiencies in your business.

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We offer various voice-directed software applications, on a range of mobile devices. Click here to find out more about our products.


"Working with Voiteq has been, and continues to be, a pleasure. They set a standard for support that we would truly welcome from all our suppliers; long may it last. "

Paula Hart, Support and Development Manager, OUP

"Thanks to the Voiteq team for the support, and thanks to all the Voiteq internal support staff, in the very successful implementation of the Voice Hardware."

Paul Longshaw, Project Manager (IT), Iceland Foods Limited

"Since installing Voiteq’s voice solution we have seen a 26 percent increase in productivity, which exceeded our original expectations."

Andrea Wing, Operations Manager, RS Components

"Voiteq voice has made huge improvements to our operations. The combined benefits meant that we saw a return on investment in as little as six months. Voiteq voice is future-proofing our business and giving us the kind of competitive edge we were looking for."

Ian King, CFO, Trespass

"Voiteq, over a number of years, have proven they are the market leader in Voice directed work solutions. We have worked in partnership with them to introduce a number of innovative solutions that have helped to deliver world class service levels. I would highly recommend using Voiteq."

Matt Lewis, Operations Director, Castell Howell Foods

"We wanted an up-to-date WMS system that would allow us to efficiently and effectively manage our warehouses. Voice technology has proven to be an effective way of streamlining picking and increasing productivity. I am confident that adding voice, in particular the new T5 terminals, to our new WMS will provide us with real business benefits."

Sue Thorburn, WMS Development Manager, John Lewis

Voiteq costumer John Lewis logo

"Having seen the increase in efficiency that voice has provided to the picking process, we are now looking to deploy voice technology across as many of the warehouse functions as possible."

Chris Whinfrey, Distribution Ctr Manager, Brakes

Voiteq costumer Brakes Group logo

"The partnership approach that Voiteq took at Littlehampton worked really well for us, and I’m pleased to be able to work with the team again at Bookpoint. The knowledge and experience of the team ensures the implementation runs smoothly."

Graham Money, General Manager, BookPoint

Voiteq Costumer Bookpoint logo

"Today’s supply chains are complex and ever changing, we are all looking for that leading edge. At Amscan we have developed an agility to enable us to respond to customer requirements quickly and easily. Voiteq’s expertise and technology has given us that capability, whilst also helping deliver outstanding service levels and lowering operating costs."

Robert Branigan, Vice President- International Distribution and Logistics International Division, Amscan

Voiteq Costumer amscan logo

"Clipper has shown they can identify where cutting edge technology can be used to improve their level of service to Liberty, and their other clients. The introduction of the Voiteq solution has dramatically reduced the overall lead time from warehouse to store, meaning products are available for sale to our customers much quicker than before."

Phil Houghton, Business Implementations Manager, Clipper Logistics

Voiteq costumer Clipper logo

"Voiteq showed impressive flexibility in developing a tailored voice solution. We’re delighted with the implementation and the outstanding levels of support we received."

Iain Priestley, Head of Operations, Connect Distribution

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